Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney?
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After weeks, months, or even years of searching, you’ve finally found it: your dream home. As you gaze upon it, you envision a lifetime of happiness for your family unfolding before you in your new home. Before you sign any papers to purchase your home, however, you should consider hiring a real estate attorney. The legal consequences from mistakes or omissions during the buying process can cause you some big hassles down the road. With a real estate attorney looking out for you, you can keep the purchase of your dream home from turning into a nightmare. Eric Butterworth is an experienced real estate attorney who can assist you in your home purchase – we at Butterworth Law Office will represent you and your family’s interests in a competent and professional manner to ensure the best possible result.

Eric Butterworth will review your purchase contract, preferably before you sign it. This is especially recommended for first-time home buyers. We will also work with your mortgage loan officer, the home seller’s attorney, and real estate agents to make sure that dates are set for attorney approval, home inspection, mortgage commitment, and other contingencies.

Only an experienced professional such as Eric Butterworth, who is closely familiar with these types of documents, can catch any and all problems or mistakes and save you future expenses by correcting any errors. Once you begin to go through the process and understand the steps and procedures, you will be glad to have an experienced professional looking out for your legal interests.

Eric Butterworth has a comprehensive knowledge of the issues that arise in real estate transactions. At Butterworth Law Office, we have the skill and experience to ensure successful residential and commercial real estate closing. We work well with lenders, appraisers, inspectors, title insurance companies and real estate brokers. We take pride in making sure your real estate sale or refinance closes as scheduled, and we make every effort to insure a successful transaction on behalf of you and your family.

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