Boundary Line Adjustments

Boundary line adjustments are sometimes needed to make minor changes to existing property lines between two or more parcels.

Boundary line adjustments include but are not limited to:

Moving a property line to follow an existing fence line
Moving a property line around a structure to meet required setbacks
Moving a property line to remedy a boundary line dispute
Moving a property line to adjust property size and shape for owner convenience
Selling a small sections of property to an adjacent property owner

A boundary dispute is a disagreement over the location of a property line. These disputes sometimes occur because old real estate descriptions are not surveyed when a party takes title.

Property boundaries occasionally need to be adjusted or a dispute might arise regarding a boundary.  Maybe a fence was installed a few feet from the actual property line and the parties have used the fence as the actual boundary for many years.  Maybe a neighbor wants to install a fence or a wall and there is disagreement about where it should properly be located.  Whatever the boundary issue, we can help you resolve it.

Usually, boundary issues can be resolved through amicable negotiation or mediation.  That’s always preferred.  Preserving your relationship with your neighbor is one of the important considerations when considering how to proceed.  It’s usually in everyone’s best interest to resolve boundary concerns without litigation because litigation can be expensive and time-consuming.

If you have a boundary issue, give us a call.  We will do everything we can to achieve a result that is a durable, lasting solution through negotiation, mediation, or litigation.